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Production Process

Quality raw materials are sourced mostly in-house. We grow more than 500,000 oil palm trees in our own plantation, which spans across an area of over 20,000 rai. Due attention is paid to every stage from qualified species selection, research and cultivation, planting, fertilization, Drip Irrigation System, and periodical trimming and care in order to obtain high quality of fresh fruit bunch. We also encourage local farmers to grow oil palm in Chumporn and adjacent provinces by supplying them with fertilizers and certified sprouts. Fresh fruit bunch are purchased from major and minor farmers to assure adequate stock of raw materials for the production.


Good quality raw materials are selected and being processed into crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil. Fresh fruit bunch are steamed to facilitate removal of fresh fruits palm from the clusters. The fruits are then passed into shredders and pressing machines to extract oil from fibers and seeds. With water and contaminants filtered out, oil is fed to the dehumidifying machine before transferring to the storage tanks as crude palm oil where it awaits further processing. Kernel; on the other hand, is being process by using solvent extraction process in order to separate oil from fibers. Then, oil is being transferred to the storage tanks as crude palm kernel oil for use in other downstream industries.


After crushing process, crude palm oil undergoes the refining process. Ours process is now using “ice condensing system” design by a Belgian firm, De Smet, the most advanced technology in Asia. This system produces 600 tons of more stable and better quality refined palm oil each day.The refined oil is transferred to fractionation process in order to separate part of liquid from solid part result in refined palm stearin as solid part which used in downstream industries for making margarine and several other products. On the other hand, refined palm olein as clear liquid are used in downstream industries and for cooking purposes with their vitamin qualities intact.


We pay a plenty of care on quality control for every step of production, from material selection to manufacturing process. Our quality control is carried out by international standard inspection tools, which provide precise measurement, and accredited by government and private organization officially


After passing quality control and stringently inspection system, oil is being transferred to the controlled storage tanks pending for delivery. It partly transferred to the clean, safe, and hi-tech packaging process to produce as various types of required packaging such as bottled, pouch, tin or drum for distribution to consumers across the country.

Refined oil, derived from manufacturing process to quality control, will be delivered to consumers both domestic and global via various channels e.g. tanker, lorry and ship in order to satisfy customers in all segments.



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