Corporate Governance
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

          Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited (CPI) operates on the principles of ethical business practices and corporate social responsibility toward the community and the environment. These are the principles that the Company has adopted since its conception and will continue to be strictly adhered to in the future.

          CPI compiled a written guideline for its business practices for the first time in 2003 under the title of “The Corporate Code of Conduct”. The present Code of Conduct is a revised version of this Code with more comprehensive and appropriate contents for new development in the Company and current changes in the economic and social conditions. It is, however, still largely based on the original version of CPI Code of Conduct.

          Chumporn Palm Oil Industry (PCL) aims to have all employees adopt this “Corporate Code of Conduct” as a guideline for their practices and conducts based on the exemplary conducts of our executives and members of the Management Committee. All employees are requested to thoroughly study and understand this Code.  In case of doubt they should consult their line superiors. CPI regards this Code of Conduct as part of the “Work Regulations” that all employees should observe. Please use this Code of Conduct as the foundation for strict observation of the Company’s principles in order to achieve sustainable benefits and advancement of both employees and the Company. 




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