Employee Benefits

Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Company Limited (CPI) was founded in 1979. We are regarded as the first fully integrated business in palm oil industry. For 30 years, we have been engrossed development in order to consistently move forward, provide quality and standardized products that are friendly with environment, concerned with consumer's health as well as accredited by many domestic and international institutions. All of the above elements have thus caused our customer to rely on us so far.

"Up to the present, we still have been giving heart in organization improvement together with focusing on human resource development by having confidence on the principle that all staff underpin the CPI success. And "you" are able to be a part of CPI as well..."


Annual Check - Up

  • Once a year

Provident Fund

  • To promote saving and financial security to employees and their families

Life Insurance

  • To provide security for employees in case of illness, disability and death

Funeral Expense Support

  • To support preliminary funeral expense to employees


  • The scholarship will be considered year by year according to the company policy


  • To keep standard uniform as corporate image


  • Company  supports allowances in case of employees work outside their normal area

Shuttle Bus

  • Company provide free shuttle bus for employees (only Chumporn office) 

Emergency Loan

  • Emergency Loan is available for employees under conditions set up by the company


  • Bonus will be considered  according to yearly performance

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