CSR Policy

CSR Policy

          The company takes part in CSR or Corporate Social Responsibilities Program to ensure sustainable business development. We pay close attention to current environmental conditions, community safety and also coordinate with relevant public and private agencies to help and assist society or those who are in need with utmost authenticity. Our aim is to cooperate and be accepted by the people from surrounding areas as part of their communities. This can help us with creating and also sustaining meaningful human relations with them well into the future.

          The business operation of the company covers both production operation and all other aspects. In order to create balance in terms of economics, environment and society, the company begins its mission from within the organization before attempting to expand it outwardly. All employees of the company are encouraged to regularly take part in assisting. cooperating, enhancing and organizing activities in order to realize and fulfill the program's objectives.

          The company has participated in a variety of projects concerning with strengthening its industrial potentials, environmental development and sustainable social responsibility that were organized by the Department of Industrial Work. The company also devises a standard  procedures of its own to act upon in pursuing and upholding Corporate Social Responsibilities programs. The standard consists of the following 7 main topics.

  1. Corporate Governance

  2. Human Rights

  3. Labor Practice

  4. Environment

  5. Fair Operating Practice

  6. Consumers Issue

  7. Community involvement and Development



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